It works (sort of)!

On Monday, 23rd February 2015 we learned that the server hosting PlanetMath was damaged and could not be booted. We have a backup of the content of the site from the same date, and another one from the 16th of February in case the more recent one is incomplete (as well as a range of older backups). We are now working on restoring from our backups to a virtual server hosted on DigitalOcean, which is where this page is being served from. We will also extract the latest encyclopedia content and put it on Github or similar. We expect that there is no major data loss, but apologize for the delay in restoring the service. Thanks for your patience!

Any necessary updates on the restoration will be posted to this page. If all goes well it be completed by Friday, 6th of March 2015. The PlanetMath board will meet on the 10th of March to discuss next steps.

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