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Bloch's theorem

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I'm curious about this 1/72 in this article on Bloch's theorem that is currently tagged as "unproven." (If it weren't for that literal, I wouldn't care less about it).

I thought maybe Wikipedia might say something about it, but apparently in physics there is something else called Bloch's theorem, which has to do with a model of particle physics known as Bloch waves. This was studied by Felix Bloch, who from the WP article about him one might deduce he didn't much care about math not applicable to physics.

Next I thought of looking at Mathworld (please put away the garlic and crosses). The MW article on topology cites a book by E. Bloch, A First Course in Geometric Topology and Differential Geometry. This E. Bloch is probably neither the composer Ernest Bloch nor the Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch.

In short, this entry raises a lot of questions besides how to prove Bloch's theorem.

The man you are looking for is Andre Bloch.

The Bloch from the 1/72 Bloch Theorem was Andre Bloch:

Bloch's life is one of the most shocking in the mathematical world, since most of his work was done in a mental institution where he lived for most of his life. He was psychologically damaged during World War I, and after coming back home from being in a hospital, he killed his brother, uncle and aunt.


I do not understand, why the theorem is as as unproven tagged. André Bloch supplied the proof.

Show here:

The unproven flag means that there is no proof available in PlanetMath. Really unproven things are labeled as "conjecture" or "problem".

One should read always first the operating instruction.

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