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proof of Nielsen-Schreier theorem and Schreier index formula

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After a couple of PMs undoubtedly thinking the other was an idiot, mathprof and I have stumbled on to a weird bug -- The word "graph" in this entry links to the correct phrase in page images mode, but a different entry in html mode. Or is this a "feature"? Is there an easy fix?


I'm not sure how easy of a fix this is, but a fix does exist. Namely, you can replace each occurence of "graph" that links to where you do not want it to by \PMlinkname{graph}{Graph}. I would not recommend doing this in places like in the phrase "Cayley graph", which seems to link to where you would want it to in html mode. This is the best that I can do.


Actually, a better idea (in my humble opinion) would be to replace the phrase "finite graph" with \PMlinkname{finite graph}{Graph}.


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