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Alexander Grothendieck's seminars and books

Alexander Grothendieck's available seminars and books, key works
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There are currently 85 entries in the encyclopedia that
"refer" to

presumably, this is because it has the "other names"

References, Bibliography

Most if not all of these references are autolinked
articles that include the word "reference" or "references".
(And which do not have anything to do with Grothendieck.)

Just for example,

I'm not sure what to do in cases like this, so I submit this
post for feedback.

IMO we should remove both References and Bibliography from the "other names" section. They are far too general and will continue to cause erroneous autolinking.


Maybe we should have a global (server-wide) list of words which to be not automatically hyperlinked?
Victor Porton -
* Algebraic General Topology and Math Synthesis

Suggested changes were made to the synonyms section of this entry; there is no longer any autolinking now to either References or Bibliography from this entry.

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