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algebraic categories and classes of algebras

algebraic category, monadic functor, monad on a category, T-algebra, structure map, category of Eilenberg-Moore algebras
algebras, classes of algebras, class of specific algebraic structures or general algebras, algebraic category, higher dimensional algebras (HDA), classes of superalgebras
algebras, class of specific algebraic structures
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18-00 no label found18E05 no label found08A05 no label found08A70 no label found


What exactly is the point of setting off that word in that manner sometimes and sometimes not?

He's trying to emphacize (using italics). But he's doing it the wrong way. He should've written \emph{algebras}.

Please file a correction explaining math mode and text mode italics .
G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

That thought did cross my mind. But what do you make of the fact that bci1 felt it necessary to do this in the title also?

He sent me a long and detailed message which says there are broader issues here than a one-time TeX faux pas by a single author. With his permission, I could quote the message, or he could restate it himself to all of us.

It would be best if he replied to things like this as well as corrections in the forums instead of by sending private messages to people; that way the entire community can be involved and no one feels as though they are being personally discriminated against or disrespected. Plus this approach is just more in the spirit of this website, at least in my humble opinion.

Please read the docs entry on Controlling Linking, which has information on how to avoid linking to particular entries, or forcing linking to particular ones:

Changing the name of your entry to something like $algebra$ or \emph{algebra} will not help neither the linking system nor the search engine to give your entry more precedence to others. Moreover, $algebra$ is plain wrong (since it is a word, not a math expression, and latex interprets each letter of the word as a math symbol), while \emph{algebra} in the title is not coherent with the usual policy for naming entries in the encyclopedia (plus, it probably messes up the automatic linking and search engine).

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