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What's slowing down the servers?

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What's slowing down the servers?

I'm experiencing a lot of delays lately (the last month) when I try to load PlanetMath pages. Maybe the problem is with the connection (I'm in Sweden), but I think that it's the internal processing time of the servers that is slow. Am I the only one experiencing this?


No, it's slow here in Canada too. I know the HTML rendering mode just got a LaTeX run added (with options to speed it up) for error-checking; I don't know if this is run every time or only upon modification.

I have noticed this too but haven't had time to investigate fully. I don't think its server processing, as the slowdowns are happening despite only modest CPU load. It is probably either some networking glitch within the server configuration, or network throttling done by the computing center. I'll try to find out.


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