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Relationships between two or more variables.
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The search machine of PM (i.e. Google) does not find all searched words, e.e. "inverse machine" although there is such PM entry and two references to this. What is the cause?

I mean of course "inverse number" (I'm perhaps a little tired=o)

Probably because the site was down for a few days recently, and Google started removing PlanetMath pages from its index when it realised they were no longer there.

wasn't "inverse number" added this very day?
I'd e surprised if google had already indexed within a few hours

my bet is that it was just too new
G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

drini wrote:

> wasn't "inverse number" added this very day?

Yes, it was. I didn't realise that when I wrote my reply. So you're right that it just hasn't been indexed yet.

But there are other articles missing from Google for the reason I gave (e.g., DihedralGroup).

Using the opportunity, let me ask a question: when the internal search engine will work? I remember very dimly that it worked very long time ago, but since then it always directs to google. And why actually internal search doesn't work?

it works intermintently, I don't know the details, but it seems there's a big that makes it stop working after soem time and needs to be manually fixed up each time

G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

I think I mentioned this some time ago, but maybe it would be best to just skip the screen that says it's temporarily out of order, and just automatically direct the search through Google?

Especially when the site is running really slowly, this would save some loading time (and thus, presumably, processing power), and also would get rid of the "broken" feel.


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