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MV-Logics in the Category of Automata

quantum automata, quantum computer, Q-Logic, LM-logic algera, generalised $(M,R)$-systems,compact subsystems
LM--algebraic logic, LM--logic algebras, algebraic category of LM-logic algebras, fundamental theorems of LM-logic algebra, centered n--\L{}ukasiewicz algebras, categories of n--\L{}ukasiewicz logic algebras, categories of Boolean logic algebras, Adjointn
LM-algebraic logic, algebraic automata theory, category of automata
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Mathematics Subject Classification

18A15 no label found55U40 no label found18G55 no label found18A40 no label found18B40 no label found93B15 no label found93A30 no label found03G12 no label found03G30 no label found03G20 no label found

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