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New features: Advanced search and ratings karma

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New features: Advanced search and ratings karma

I would like to announce the new feature. Now, when you search, you can search also forums (or any messages). There is also a new Advanced search (link just below search box). You can go there and choose which categories you want to search (e.g. Encyclopedia, Books, Messages, Users etc.).

I have also updated ratings. Now, everyone has karma. You can earn karma through certain activities, like posting messages, objects etc. Every time you earn points in the current points system, you also earn karma. In order to rate objects, you need to spend your karma points (and karma points are used only for this purpose). Rating in every category 'costs' one karma point, but through ratings you are also earning points! Simply, when you rate something, you will earn one point for each category rated. If you don't have karma, you cannot rate any objects. There is also one more small detail. If you rate object of user considered user within your clique, you will spend karma points, but you will not earn any points instead. In a summary, if you earn X points on certain activities, you can earn another X points through ratings. This is supposed to encourage people to participate in ratings activities.


I'm not sure it is a good idea to link points to ability to rate. The number of points you have earned really says nothing about your trustworthiness. I think already the point system is driving the creation of a lot of crappy (or even nonsensical) entries so that certain people "get points." Basically, making 50 nonsensical entries is worth 50 times more than making one short well researched and well written entry in the current system. Do you think this won't make the situation even worse?

There are certain people on planetmath who I totally don't trust with ratings (and don't care about their ratings) and there are people whose ratings I would find very valuable. I'd much rather see a trust system, say ala or something like that. I.e., trust should not be linked to quantity of output.


Just one question ---

How many karma points do I need to keep from being reborn as a cockroach? 'Cause I really don't want to go through ''that'' again!

Gratia In Futuro (GIF),


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