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230-year-old math problem has been solved (!?!)

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230-year-old math problem has been solved (!?!)


This was in the news yesterday. Has anyone heard anything about this?



Professor of Blekinge Institute of Technology solves two hundred-year old math problem

On Tuesday, professor Nail H. Ibragimov will present the solution to a problem that has eluded mathematicians in the whole world since 1770. The problem is called Laplace’s Problem and reads “Find all invariants for hyperbolic differential equations�. Professor Ibragimov’s lecture will be adapted also to those who are not mathematicians.

The problem, the solution of which is presented here, is 230 years old, almost as old as the theory of partial differential equations itself. Indeed, the first partial differential equation, the wave equation for vibrating strings, was formulated and solved by d’Alembert in 1747. The problem of invariants can be dated back to Laplace’s 1773 work, when young Laplace (he was 24) published his renowned method based on two invariants, h, k, called later Laplace’s invariants by Darboux (1890). These invariants (rather semi-invariants) were found and used also by Leonard Euler and published in his "Integral Calculus" in 1769/70. In 1911, Louise Petrén extended Laplace’s method to higher-order equations. In 1960, Ovsyannikov found a new proper invariant. The general problem, that is called Laplace’s problem, remained open until recently.

“Prof. Ibragimov has completed the picture by finding the invariants and semi-invariants for parabolic partial differential equations (PDE)�, says . Prof.Dr. Gazanfer Unal at the Faculty of Sciences in Istanbul, Turkey.

“I certainly believe that the result obtained by Prof. Ibragimov is a classical and fundamental contribution to mathematics and mathematical physics. It will have great impact on the development of analytical methods for solving PDEs. I am sure it will inspire many scientists who work in related areas.�

The Blekinge Institute of Technology offers a seminar where professor Ibragimov will give a public lecture dedicated to “The solution of Laplace’s Problem on invariants of hyperbolic equations – A dramatic story with a happy ending�. The lecture is held on January 20th between 1.15 PM and 3 PM in room 2304A at Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona, Sweden.

For more information, please contact professor Ibragimov at +46 455 38 54 50 or +46 733 248 374 or

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