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Noetherian module

Noetherian, Noetherian left module, Noetherian right module, left Noetherian module, right Noetherian module
commutative algebra algebraic geometry
Type of Math Object: 
Major Section: 

Mathematics Subject Classification

13E05 no label found33C75 no label found33E05 no label found14J27 no label found86A30 no label found14H52 no label found


backslash n: \n
foreslash n: /n
that is all.

I'm just wondering if the first sentence shouldn't be "if <<any>> of the following equivalent conditions hold." Thanks a lot.


It is preferable if these sorts of issues were filed as corrections (in this case, meta/minor). Sifting through posts attached to an entry can be a difficult matter, but (hopefully) sifting through unaddressed corrections attached to an entry is not.

No problem; sorry about that.

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