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symbolic computation

CAS, computer algebra systems
formula manipulation, algebraic computation
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33F99 no label found17-08 no label found16Z05 no label found13P99 no label found12Y05 no label found11Y40 no label found14Q99 no label found68W30 no label found


Since PlanetMath itself uses the FDL, and strives to keep its content free (in the FSF's sense of the term, i.e. <i>libre</i>) I think it would be good to clearly note which of the CASes listed above are free (again <i>libre</i>, or GPL-compatible).

Feel free to ignore me if you don't see free/nonfree as an useful distinction. I'm not entirely convinced it is one, but it seems like the one naturally suggested by PlanetMath's use of the FDL.

Offhand, I'm sure that Mathematica and Maple are commercial, while GNU Maxima and GiNaC are free.

Is there an entry for purely numeric computation software? I mean something like Matlab or Octave. If so, this entry should probably link to it somehow.

missing several:
yacas, aribas, magnus, etc

G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

I don't think one exists. Feel free to start it =)


Can you file an addendum with more info?

apk is online. Try Sym a free open source algebra program.

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