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Hilbert space

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Am I correct in thinking that a Hilbert space is always a Banach space? If so, could you say this explicitly? You can never have too many cross-references :)

Yup. Explicitly,

"Every Hilbert space is a Banach space."


Q: But why?

A: A Banach space is a normed vector space complete with respect to that norm. A Hilbert space is a special kind of this where the norm is in fact an inner product.


Just to put it a bit differently, a Hilbert space is by definition a (particular type of) Banach space.
Any normed space whose norm comes from an inner product is called a prehilbert space. If it is complete (i.e. if it is a Banach space), then it is called a Hilbert space.

Thanks to you both. When I said "Can you say that explicitly?", I meant "Could the author of the page please state it explicitly on the page?" PlanetMath is very useful for those of us who don't know as much as we should, and pointing out relationships helps a lot...

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