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presheaf, presheaves
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14F20 no label found18F10 no label found18F20 no label found


First of all, I like the "this may be a duplicate entry" warning. Very handy.

I would like to suggest that an entry defining a term should automatically (and non-optionally) get "Related" links to every other entry defining the same term.

Such links should exist so that users who accidentally wind up at the wrong one can readily look up the others to see if they help ("So this is the kernel of a group homomorphism, but I wanted of a linear transformation! Don't give me this categorical nonsense either!" or "Is there a more general definition of this term?").

They should be automatic because on the one hand, it's a collossal pain (specifically, an O(n^2) process) to pester all the authors of a concept to link to each other. On the other hand, if we have "competing" definitions due to excessive rancor, they probably won't want to link to each other --- but readers will definitely want both points of view.

The effort required to do this should be minimal: when displaying an entry, look up each term that it defines in the index, and make sure each definition appears in the related list. (This could be done on modifications only, but this takes more care: you have to go change everyone who links here. And it doesn't require a re-render.)

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