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$\mathcal{U}$-category, small category, kittygory
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18A15 no label found03E30 no label found


I initially named this entry "small" because that is the technical term used to mean this. But a correction was filed asking me to change it (to $U$-small, which is occasionally also used). Noticing that about fifty entries pointed here, three of which meant the right thing, I did, but filed corrections against those three. Which brings me to my point:

Can I do a search for "what would point here if it were titled X?" This might be useful for entries that define common words in unusual ways. The entry "fix", which I usually have to linkescape, is maybe not such a good candidate as there are many places that want to link to it. But surely there are others...

as far as I know
there IS a list
of words
that won't be linked by default
precisely because they are frequent words with common snese meanings (opposed to math meanings), I guess fix and small should be added

G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

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