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Greek alphabet

Greek letters
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Would anyone have a problem if I added alpha, beta, gamma, etc. to the "Defines" section of this object (Greek alphabet)?

What would it gain? Whenever an article writes the word alpha it would link to the whole greek alphabet? I'm not sure I see the use of that at the moment, though I don't have an expressed objection. Besides, I think most articles would use the symbol $\alpha$ in TeX rather than the word, so there would not be a cross link their (which is actually the place you might want a cross link if you are trying to learn how to pronounce the symbols if you are new to the subject). But again, no objection.

Thanks for the input Algeboy. Actually, I am not so concerned about links as I am about ease of reference. If I were to add the letters in the Defines section, then these would appear in the encyclopedia. So, if someone were browsing the encyclopedia for ``alpha'', they would find it there.

Now that I think about it, it might be inconvenient for someone to type the word ``alpha'' in their entry and have it link to the entire Greek alphabet, though, as you point out, typically one would use $\alpha$.

Any more thoughts or opinions?

How would we go about linking this from the Tex QuickReference in collaborations (it is mentioned in section 3, Algebra)?

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