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types of morphisms

monomorphism, epimorphism, bimorphism, retraction, section, coretraction, isomorphism, inverse morphism, split monomorphism, split epimorphism, epimorphic extension, epimorphic monomorphism
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I've added this entry despite the fact that some of these notions are already defined somewhere in PM. In my opinion it's good to have these definitions gathered in one place.

They can be found e.g. in

I've seen that epimorphism or monomorphism often redirects to
where these notions are defined from the point of view of Universal Algebra, not category theory.

Regular mono/epimorphisms are defined in

I'll add extremal mono/epimorphisms in a separate entry.

quetion: do it makes sense to speak of a <<homomorphism>> between open sets of complex vector spaces?

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