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Are these entries appropriate on PM? These two titles clearly refer to the popular commercial products for doing math and, although they are clearly related to mathematics, they are not mathematical entities themselves... (lack of formal definitions, etc...).

I think they are as appropriate as biographies of mathematicians (which similarly don't have "formal definitions" and so on) --- as you say they are related to mathematics, and it's possible that people would come to PM looking for information on them, so why not?

I agree with SilverFish. Speaking for myself, I'd also expect PM to have entries on MatLab, GIMPS, compasses, straightedges, etc. The danger to avoid is that these entries degenerate into advertisements for the products. But I think that as long as we write from our own experience using these products and not take anything verbatim from the official websites, we'll be just fine.

Is it possible at all to include some simple, uncomplicated typewriter (like, you know, <tt> blah, blah, </tt>) in Tex?

\begin{verbatim} should do it doesn't seem as if verbatim interacts very well with the PM autolinker though...maybe someone else knows how to get round this

\texttt{} may be what you want, i think?


I agree.

I think we also probably need a "software" entry type.


depends if you want the spacing to be handled by TeX or for it to use your spacing: verbatim copies \emph{exactly} what you write, including whitespace, whereas texttt is a typewriter font processed like any other LaTeX font

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