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differential propositional calculus

differential basis, differential extension, differential feature, differential inference, differential proposition, differential quality, differential variable, logical transformation, source universe, target universe, tangent universe, basic proposition,
differential extension of propositional calculus
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I see several error messages when viewing:

What I see is:

* Unknown control sequence '\nolimitsq' describes a
* Unknown control sequence '\nolimitsq' describes d
* Unknown control sequence '\nolimitsq' describes b
* Unknown control sequence '\nolimitsq' describes c

what should I do to avoid these error messages?


Same behavior with Opera and Explorer 8 under Windows 7

FWIW, on my firefox Tools menu, there's 'Error console' button.
That shows several messages, two of which are:

Warning: Error in parsing value for 'font-size'. Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 26
Security Error: Content at may not load data from

I've no idea what causes these errors; hence, I don't know
if they're relevant :(

Hi Larry and Danny,
This issue doesn't depend on the OS. I use WinXP and Mozilla with the same problem. All of these issues arose from ``jsMath fonts'' was implemented. I have no idea why the Administrators have not fixed it.
From long time ago the View style: "HTML with images" doesn't render; just only "page images" was not affected. The implementation of \operatorname and so the \nolimits macro that it inserts is being combined with the characters that follow it. Try adding a space
after \operatorname{d}, or well use \text{d} instead.

PS. Administrators should be remove jsMath fonts until they fix these issues.

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