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a feature request

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a feature request


I've posted a feature request to PlanetMath wiki:

What do you think about it ?


I contacted author already (otherwise how would I get the LaTeX source of the course ?). He wants to release his course under GFDL.

Anyway, from the techical point of view, who is responsible for such changes on the site ? Whom should I address ?

I think that this would be a wonderful idea. However, make sure we have the right to do this. Who own the copyright to these lecture notes? Is it the author or is it a publisher? (or perhaps some other entity?) If it is a publisher and the work is still in print then the project is likely off-limits. If it is out of print, then the copyright might have reverted to the author or the publisher might be willing to let go of the copyright. If the author owns the copyright, then we should first ask the author to either release it into the public domain or release it under conditions which allow for the work to freely distributed and give everybody the right to create derivative works (such as translations or encyclopaedia entries based on these notes) and not do anything until we have the consent of the author. In particular, this permission should be written, dated, and signed by the author.

This might sound a bit excessive, but also remember the circumstances. In the print world, publishers and many authors tend to be rather protective of copyright. Now that there are things like e-books for sale and pay-per-view online journals, any scheme to make mathematical texts which could otherwise have been sold for profit available on a free basis is bound to come into conflict with commercial publishers sooner or later, so it is prudent to make sure that one can defend oneself if accused of infringing on a copyright.


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