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latex commands

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latex commands

Okay, there are a lot of LaTeX commands that you should be using here:

-- \complement instead of c for set complement, e.g. A^\complement instead of A^C

-- \setminus instead of \backslash for set difference

-- \bigtriangleup insetad of \ \triangle \ for symmetric difference. The difference here is that \bigtriangleup automatically has operator spacing in all contexts, so the ugly forced spaces are not needed.

-- \mid instead of | for set definitions. e.g. \{x \in X \mid f(x) \in B_i\}. Same reason: \mid has the correct spacing.

-- On the other hand, your usages of "for all" and "for some" in the proofs of (1) and (2) do require a forced space preceding the word for.

-- Consider using \left\{ and \right\} instead of plain \{ and \}.

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Thanks for these. They certainly make life a bit easier.
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