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Asteroid Bulletin for the week of April 17 2005

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Asteroid Bulletin for the week of April 17 2005

Discussion: links to books to buy

marijke proposed adding Amazon links to bibliographies as a
way to make money for the site. A related proposal is the idea of
creating "centralized" bibliographies for PM.

New AM project: New College of Tahiti

If you find that "normal" school doesn't seem to work right for
you, you might want to check out New College of Tahiti.

Joe Corneli's education "side project" has become an official
AsteroidMeta project (insofar as any of the projects on
AsteroidMeta can be called official). An approximate description
of its purpose is: to facilitate higher education that is free
in the sense of freedom.

Some discussion of related projects (including the established
African Virtual University) have been established. Free free to
submit your feedback here:

"Lost Ark Books"

Ray Puzio had the smart idea trying to figure out what math books
are in the public domain, not because their copyrights expired
exactly, but because the copyright holders failed to RENEW their
copyright within the alotted time. It appears that there may be a
lot of books in this category.

The relevant dates (1923 to 1963) include a lot of important
developments in mathematics. There could be many more public
domain books from this era sitting on the shelves of YOUR math
library than you might have thought. If this all works out, it
could constitute a big boon to PlanetMath and related projects.

| Appeal to readers: It takes a lot of work to search through the
| Library of Congess' catalogue to locate these books, especialy
| since their interface is somewhat limited. (For instance, you
| can't search by a combination of call number and a range of
| years.) If you find this project worthwhile and would be
| interested in helping please let me know (through Asteroid or
| PlanetMath mail) and we can figure out how to split the labor. -
| Ray

Progress on HDM

As announced in last week's bulletin, we are beginning to use the
template utilities to check proofs. To get started, we have been
checking proofs in propositional logic from the metamath website
( Right now,
we are stepping through the proofs by hand, one step at a time,
to get started and understand how the process works. Later on, we
will automate the process so that the computer can take a proof
in h-code as input and output whether or not the proof has been
verified. To see this work in progress, please loot at the
following location:

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