In this definition, all rings are assumed to be rings with identity and all ring homomorphismsMathworldPlanetmath are assumed to be unital.

Let R be a ring. An algebra over R is a ring A together with a ring homomorphism f:RZ(A), where Z(A) denotes the center of A. A subalgebra of A is a subset of A which is an algebra.

Equivalently, an algebra over a ring R is an R–module A which is a ring and satisfies the property


for all rR and all x,yA. Here denotes R-module multiplication and * denotes ring multiplication in A. One passes between the two definitions as follows: given any ring homomorphism f:RZ(A), the scalar multiplication rule


makes A into an R-module in the sense of the second definition. Conversely, if A satisfies the requirements of the second definition, then the function f:RA defined by f(r):=r1 is a ring homomorphism from R into Z(A).

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