analytic polyhedron


Suppose Gn is a domain and let WG be an open set. Let f1,,fk:W be holomorphic functionsMathworldPlanetmath. Then if the set


is relatively compactPlanetmathPlanetmath in W, we say that Ω is an analytic polyhedron in G. Sometimes it is denoted Ω(f1,,fk). Further (W,f1,,fk) is called the of the analytic polyhedron.

An analytic polyhedron is automatically a domain of holomorphy by using the functions that define it as g(z):=1eiθ-fj(z) to show that g cannot be extended beyond a point where fj(z)=eiθ. Every boundary point of Ω is of that form for some fj.

Furthermore every domain of holomorphy can be exhausted by analytic polyhedra (that is, every compact subset is contained in an analytic polyhedron) and in fact only domains of holomorphy can be exhausted by analytic polyhedra, see the Behnke-Stein theorem.

Note that sometimes W is required to be homeomorphic to the unit ball.


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