antiderivative of complex function

By the of a complex function f in a domain D of , we every complex function F which in D satisfies the condition

  • If f is a continuousMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath complex function in a domain D and if the integral

    F(z):=γzf(t)𝑑t (1)

    where the path γz begins at a fixed pointPlanetmathPlanetmath z0 of D and ends at the point z of D, is independent of the path γz for each value of z, then (1) defines an analytic functionMathworldPlanetmath F with domain D.  This function is an antiderivative of f in D, i.e. ( at all points of D, the condition


    is true.

  • If f is an analytic function in a simply connected open domain U, then f has an antiderivative in U, e.g. ( the function F defined by (1) where the path γz is within U.  If γ lies within U and connects the points z0 and z1, then


    where F is an arbitrary antiderivative of f in U.

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