area functions

The most usual area functions:

  • The inverse function of the hyperbolic sineMathworldPlanetmath (in Latin sinus hyperbolicus) is arsinh (area sini hyperbolici):

  • The inverse function of the hyperbolic cosine (in Latin cosinus hyperbolicus) is arcosh (area cosini hyperbolici):


    It is defined for  x1.

  • The inverse function of the hyperbolic tangent (in Latin tangens hyperbolica) is artanh (area tangentis hyperbolicae):


    It is defined for  -1<x<1.

  • The inverse function of the hyperbolic cotangent (in Latin cotangens hyperbolica) is arcoth (area cotangentis hyperbolicae):


    It is defined for  |x|>1.

These four functionsMathworldPlanetmath are denoted also by sinh-1x, cosh-1x, tanh-1x and coth-1x.



The functions  arsinh  and  artanh  have the Taylor seriesMathworldPlanetmath


Because the inverse tangentMathworldPlanetmath function (see the cyclometric functions) has the   arctanx=x-x33+x55-x77+-(|x|1), we see that


similarly we get


Some other formulae which may be obtained by means of the addition formulae of the hyperbolic functionsDlmfMathworld:


The classic abbreviations “arsinh” and “arcosh” are explained as follows:  The unit hyperbola  x2-y2=1 (its right half) has the parametric


here A means the area by the hyperbola and the straight line segments OP and OQ, where O is the origin, P is the point  (x,y)  of the hyperbola and Q is the point  (x,-y)  of the hyperbola.  Thus, conversely, A is the area having hyperbolic cosine equal to x (area cosini hyperbolici x), similarly A is the area having hyperbolic sine equal to y (area sini hyperbolici y).

Note.  In some countries the abbreviation “ar” in the symbols arsinh etc. is replaced by  “a”, “Ar”, “arc” or “arg”.

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