BODMAS Rule application

Today I want to share what Is BODMAS Rule & How to use it?

BODMAS rule decides the order of operations for add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc as below shown B-Brackets (do all operations contained in the brackets first) O-Orders (powers and square rootsMathworldPlanetmath etc) D-Division M-Multiplication A-Addition S- SubtractionPlanetmathPlanetmath

Let’s see an example and check how BODMASS Rule works 30-(2*6+15/3) +8*3/6

Step1: Brackets 2*6+15/3 = 12+5 = 17

Step2: Division 30-17+8*1/2

Step3: Multiplication 30-17+4

Step 4: Addition and Subtraction 30-17+4=17

20+30-5/4*2+ (1+6) (5-6/4)+9*7 1-6*(2+9)/8

BODMAS Rule is very helpful in solving various algebra math problems.

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