Bezout domain

A Bezout domain D is an integral domainMathworldPlanetmath such that every finitely generatedMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath ideal of D is principal (


  • A PID is obviously a Bezout domain.

  • Furthermore, a Bezout domain is a gcd domain. To see this, suppose D is a Bezout domain with a,bD. By definition, there is a dD such that (d)=(a,b), the ideal generated byPlanetmathPlanetmath a and b. So a(d) and b(d) and therefore, da and db. Next, suppose cD and that ca and cb. Then both a,b(c) and so d(c). This means that cd and we are done.

  • From the discussion above, we see in a Bezout domain D, a greatest common divisorMathworldPlanetmath exists for every pair of elements. Furthermore, if gcd(a,b) denotes one such greatest common divisor between a,bD, then for some r,sD:


    The above equation is known as the Bezout identity, or Bezout’s Lemma.

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