bounded minimization

One useful way of generating more primitive recursive functionsMathworldPlanetmath from existing ones is through what is known as bounded summation and bounded product. Given a primitive recursive function f:m+1, define two functions fs,fp:m+1 as follows: for 𝒙m and y:


These are easily seen to be primitive recursive, because they are defined by primitive recursion. For example,


where g(𝒙,n,y)=add(f(𝒙,n),y), which is primitive recursive by functionalPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath compositionMathworldPlanetmath.

Definition. We call fs and fp functions obtained from f by bounded sum and bounded product respectively.

Using bounded summation and bounded product, another useful class of primitive recursive functions can be generated:

Definition. Let f:m+1 be a function. For each y, set

Af(𝒙,y):={zzy and f(𝒙,z)=0}.


fbmin(𝒙,y):={minAf(𝒙,y)if Af(𝒙,y),s(y)otherwise.

fbmin is called the function obtained from f by bounded minimization, and is usually denoted

Proposition 1.

If f:Nm+1N is primitive recursive, so is fbmin.


Define g:=sgnf. Then

g(𝒙,y):={0if f(𝒙,y)=0,1otherwise.

As f is primitive recursive, so is g, since the sign function sgn is primitive recursive (see this entry (

Next, the function gp obtained from g by bounded product has the following properties:

  • if gp(𝒙,y)=1, then gp(𝒙,z)=1 for all z<y,

  • if gp(𝒙,y)=0, then gp(𝒙,z)=0 for all zy.

Finally, the function (gp)s obtained from gp by bounded sum has the property that, when applied to (𝒙,y), counts the number of zy such that gp(𝒙,z)=1. Based on the property of gp, this count is then exactly the least zy such that gp(𝒙,z)=1. This means that (gp)s=fbmin for all (𝒙,y)m+1. Since gp is primitive recursive, so is (gp)s, or that fbmin is primitive recursive. ∎

In fact, if f is a (total) recursive function, so is fbmin, because all of the derived functions in the proof above preserve primitive recursiveness as well as totalness.


  • In the definition of bounded minimization, if we take the y out, then we arrive at the notion of unbounded minimization, or just minimization. The propositionPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath above shows that the set 𝒫 of primitive recursive functions is closed under bounded minimization. However, 𝒫 is not closed under minimization. The closure of 𝒫 under minimization is the set of recursive functions (total or not).

  • It is not hard to show that , the set of all elementary recursive functions, is closed under bounded minimization.

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