Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi

Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi (1804 - 1851) Jewish-German mathematician best known for the Jacobian matrix and the Jacobi symbolDlmfMathworldPlanetmath.

The second son of a successful banker, young Carl was home-schooled until the age of 12, when he entered the Potsdam high school. Four years after earning a degree from Berlin University in 1825 and converting to Catholicism, Jacobi became a mathematics professor there and taught for a dozen years. He read Greek and Latin fluently, and was quite familiar with the work of Leonhard Euler ( In the late 1820s, Jacobi did significant work on elliptic functionsMathworldPlanetmath in relation to fractions, attracting the interest and praise of Carl Friedrich Gauss ( and Adrien-Marie Legendre. In 1843, Jacobi went on a vacation to Italy, beginning his retirement.

A lunar crater is named after Jacobi.

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