continuation of exponent

Theorem.  Let K/k be a finite field extension and ν an exponent valuation of the extension fieldMathworldPlanetmath K.  Then there exists one and only one positive integer e such that the function

(1)      ν0(x):={when x=0,ν(x)ewhen x0,

defined in the base field k, is an exponent ( of k.

Proof.  The exponent ν of K attains in the set k{0} also non-zero values; otherwise  k would be included in 𝒪ν, the ring of the exponent ν.  Since any element ξ of K are integral over k, it would then be also integral over 𝒪ν, which is integrally closed in its quotient field K (see theorem 1 in ring of exponent); the situation would mean that  ξ𝒪ν and thus the whole K would be contained in 𝒪ν.  This is impossible, because an exponent of K attains also negative values.  So we infer that ν does not vanish in the whole k{0}.  Furthermore, ν attains in k{0} both negative and positive values, since  ν(a)+ν(a-1)=ν(aa-1)=ν(1)=0.

Let p be such an element of k on which ν attains as its value the least possible positive integer e in the field k and let a be an arbitrary non-zero element of k.  If

ν(a)=m=qe+r(q,r,  0r<e),

then  ν(ap-q)=m-qe=r,  and thus  r=0  on grounds of the choice of p.  This means that ν(a) is always divisible by e, i.e. that the values of the function ν0 in k{0} are integers.  Because  ν0(p)=1  and  ν0(pl)=l,  the function attains in k every integer value.  Also the conditions


are in , whence ν0 is an exponent of the field k.

Definition.  Let K/k be a finite field extension.  If the exponent ν0 of k is tied with the exponent ν of K via the condition (1), one says that ν induces ν0 to k and that ν is the continuation of ν0 to K.  The positive integer e, uniquely determined by (1), is the ramification index of ν with respect to ν0 (or with respect to the subfieldMathworldPlanetmath k).


  • 1 S. Borewicz & I. Safarevic: Zahlentheorie.  Birkhäuser Verlag. Basel und Stuttgart (1966).
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