contraharmonic means and Pythagorean hypotenuses

One can see that all values of c in the table of the parent entry ( are hypotenusesMathworldPlanetmath in a right triangleMathworldPlanetmath with integer sides (  E.g., 41 is the contraharmonic mean of 5 and 45;  92+402= 412.

TheoremMathworldPlanetmath.  Any integer contraharmonic mean of two different positive integers is the hypotenuse of a Pythagorean tripleMathworldPlanetmath.  Conversely, any hypotenuse of a Pythagorean triple is contraharmonic mean of two different positive integers.

Proof.1.  Let the integer c be the contraharmonic mean


of the positive integers u and v with  u>v.  Then  u+vu2+v2=(u+v)2-2uv,  whence

u+v 2uv,

and we have the positive integers




2.  Suppose that c is the hypotenuse of the Pythagorean triple  (a,b,c),  whence  c2=a2+b2.  Let us consider the rational numbersPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath

u=:c+b+a2,v=:c+b-a2. (1)

If the triple is primitive (, then two of the integers a,b,c are odd and one of them is even; if not, then similarly or all of a,b,c are even.  Therefore, c+b±a are always even and accordingly u and v positive integers.  We see also that  u+v=c+b.  Now we obtain

u2+v2 =c2+b2+a2+2ab+2bc+2ca+c2+b2+a2-2ab+2bc-2ca4

Thus, c is the contraharmonic mean u2+v2u+v of the different integers u and v. (N.B.:  When the values of a and b in (1) are changed, another value of v is obtained.  Cf. the PropositionPlanetmathPlanetmath 4 in the parent entry (


  • 1 J. Pahikkala: “On contraharmonic mean and Pythagorean triples”.  – Elemente der Mathematik 65:2 (2010).
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