derivatives of hyperbolic functions

In this entry we compute the derivative of the hyperbolic functionsDlmfMathworldPlanetmath sinh(x) and cosh(x).

Recall that by definition:

sinh(x) := ex-e-x2
cosh(x) := ex+e-x2.


ddxsinh(x) = ddx(ex-e-x2)
= 12ddx(ex-e-x)
= 12(ex-(-e-x))
= ex+e-x2
= cosh(x).

Similarly ddxcosh(x)=sinh(x). Using the quotient ruleMathworldPlanetmath, we compute the derivative of tanh(x)=sinh(x)cosh(x):


where we have used the equality cosh2(x)-sinh2(x)=1.

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