derivatives of sine and cosine

The of the derivatives of sine and cosine is a bit simpler by using the prosthaphaeresis formulasMathworldPlanetmath

sinα-sinβ= 2sin(α-β2)cos(α+β2), (1)
cosα-cosβ=-2sin(α+β2)sin(α-β2). (2)

Let x,t be any real numbers such that  tx.  Then we obtain

sinx-sintx-t=2sin(x-t2)cos(x+t2)x-t=sin(x-t2)(x-t2)cos(x+t2) 1cos(x+x2)=cosx,

as  tx.  Here we used the known limit  limu0sinuu=1  (see this entry (

The derivative of cosine is calculated similarly:


as  tx.

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