derived subgroup

Let G be a group. For any a,bG, the element a-1b-1ab is called the commutator of a and b.

The commutator a-1b-1ab is sometimes written [a,b]. (Usage varies, however, and some authors instead use [a,b] to represent the commutator aba-1b-1.) If A and B are subsets of G, then [A,B] denotes the subgroupMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of G generated by {[a,b]aA and bB}. This notation can be further extended by recursively defining [X1,,Xn+1]=[[X1,,Xn],Xn+1] for subsets X1,,Xn+1 of G.

The subgroup of G generated by all the commutators in G (that is, the smallest subgroup of G containing all the commutators) is called the derived subgroup, or the commutator subgroup, of G. Using the notation of the previous paragraph, the derived subgroup is denoted by [G,G]. Alternatively, it is often denoted by G, or sometimes G(1).

Note that a and b commute if and only if the commutator of a,bG is trivial, i.e.,


Thus, in a fashion, the derived subgroup measures the degree to which a group fails to be abelianMathworldPlanetmath.

Proposition 1

The derived subgroup [G,G] is normal (in fact, fully invariant) in G, and the factor group G/[G,G] is abelian. Moreover, G is abelian if and only if [G,G] is the trivial subgroup.

The factor group G/[G,G] is the largest abelian quotient ( of G, and is called the abelianizationMathworldPlanetmath of G.

One can of course form the derived subgroup of the derived subgroup; this is called the second derived subgroup, and denoted by G′′ or G(2). Proceeding inductively one defines the nth derived subgroup G(n) as the derived subgroup of G(n-1). In this fashion one obtains a sequence of subgroups, called the derived series of G:

Proposition 2

The group G is solvable if and only if the derived series terminates in the trivial group {1} after a finite ( number of steps.

The derived series can also be continued transfinitely—see the article on the transfinite derived series.

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