Dusa McDuff

Dusa McDuff nèe Margaret Dusa Waddington (1945 - ) British mathematician, best known for her work on symplectic geometry.

Born in London of a biologist and an architect, young Dusa’s earliest education was at Edinburgh. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, she went on to Cambridge, and after that taught at York and Warwick. She moved to the United States and since has taught at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where she fell in love and married fellow math professor John Milnor.

McDuff has Erdős number (http://planetmath.org/ErdHosNumber) 3: With Edwin Hewitt she co-authored a paper on compact groups in Russian for a Soviet journal, while Hewitt co-authored with Shizuo Kakutani a paper on “A class of multiplicative linear functionals on the measure algebra of a locally compact Abelian groupMathworldPlanetmath” in the Illinois Journal of Mathematics. Kakutani co-authored with Erdős a paper “On non-denumerable graphs” in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society.

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