eliminated Sierpiński number candidates

Most numbers k are very easy to eliminate as Sierpiński number candidates, as it is very easy to come up with sequences of primes of the form k2n+1. For example, for k=1 it is enough to mention the Fermat primesMathworldPlanetmath. For some of the seventeen Sierpiński number candidates when the Seventeen or Bust project began, only a single Proth primeMathworldPlanetmath, and it is often quite large. Eight candidates remain to be eliminated. The primes listed below were discovered by the Seventeen or Bust project, with the latest being for 19249, discovered by user Konstantin Agafonov of team TSC! Russia.

k Exponent n which gives prime Prime in base 10 scientific notation
4847 3321063 1.844857508381060×10999743
5359 5054502 2.781168752802502×101521560
10223 Still a candidate N/A
19249 13018586 1.484360328715661×103918989
21181 Still a candidate N/A
22699 Still a candidate N/A
24737 Still a candidate N/A
27653 9167433 5.727724120920733×102759676
28433 7830457 7.772839072447348×102357206
44131 Still a candidate N/A
46157 Still a candidate N/A
54767 Still a candidate N/A
55459 995972 1.234767571821004×10299822
65567 1013803 8.499227304459893×10305189
67607 Still a candidate N/A
69109 1157446 6.366429016367452×10348430
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