equivalence class

Let S be a set with an equivalence relationMathworldPlanetmath . An equivalence classMathworldPlanetmath of S under is a subset TS such that

  • If xT and yS, then xy if and only if yT

  • If S is nonempty, then T is nonempty

For xS, the equivalence class containing x is often denoted by [x], so that


The set of all equivalence classes of S under is defined to be the set of all subsets of S which are equivalence classes of S under , and is denoted by S/. The map x[x] is sometimes referred to as the .

For any equivalence relation , the set of all equivalence classes of S under is a partition of S, and this correspondence is a bijection between the set of equivalence relations on S and the set of partitions of S (consisting of nonempty sets).

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