Euclidean valuation

Let D be an integral domain. A Euclidean valuation is a function from the nonzero elements of D to the nonnegative integers ν:D{0D}{x:x0} such that the following hold:

  • For any a,bD with b0D, there exist q,rD such that a=bq+r with ν(r)<ν(b) or r=0D.

  • For any a,bD{0D}, we have ν(a)ν(ab).

Euclidean valuations are important because they let us define greatest common divisorsMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath and use Euclid’s algorithm. Some facts about Euclidean valuations include:

  • The minimal ( value of ν is ν(1D). That is, ν(1D)ν(a) for any aD{0D}.

  • uD is a unit if and only if ν(u)=ν(1D).

  • For any aD{0D} and any unit u of D, we have ν(a)=ν(au).

These facts can be proven as follows:

  • If aD{0D}, then

  • If uD is a unit, then let vD be its inversePlanetmathPlanetmath ( Thus,


    Conversely, if ν(u)=ν(1D), then there exist q,rD with ν(r)<ν(u)=ν(1D) or r=0D such that


    Since ν(r)<ν(1D) is impossible, we must have r=0D. Hence, q is the inverse of u.

  • Let vD be the inverse of u. Then


Note that an integral domain is a Euclidean domain if and only if it has a Euclidean valuation.

Below are some examples of Euclidean domains and their Euclidean valuations:

  • Any field F is a Euclidean domain under the Euclidean valuation ν(a)=0 for all aF{0F}.

  • is a Euclidean domain with absolute valueMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath acting as its Euclidean valuation.

  • If F is a field, then F[x], the ring of polynomials over F, is a Euclidean domain with degree acting as its Euclidean valuation: If n is a nonnegative integer and a0,,anF with an0F, then


Due to the fact that the ring of polynomials over any field is always a Euclidean domain with degree acting as its Euclidean valuation, some refer to a Euclidean valuation as a degree function. This is done, for example, in Joseph J. Rotman’s .

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