example of using residue theorem

We take an example of applying the Cauchy residue theorem in evaluating usual real improper integrals.

We shall the integralDlmfPlanetmath


where k is any real number.  One may prove that the integrand has no antiderivative among the elementary functionsMathworldPlanetmath if  k0.

Since the integrand is an even (http://planetmath.org/EvenoddFunction) and  xsinkx1+x2  an odd functionMathworldPlanetmath, we may write


using also Euler’s formula.  Let’s consider the contour integral


where γ is the perimeter of the semicircle consisting of the line segment from (-R, 0) to (R, 0) and the semi-circular arc c connecting these points in the upper half-plane (R>1).  The integrand is analytic on and inside of γ except in the point  z=i  which is a simple poleMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath.  Because we have (cf. the coefficients of Laurent series)


the residue theorem (http://planetmath.org/CauchyResidueTheorem) yields

J= 2πie-k2i=πe-k.

This does not depend on the radius R of the circle.

We split the integral J in two portions:  one along the diameter and the other along the circular arc c.  So we obtain


When  R,  the former portion tends to the limit 2I and the latter — as we at once shall see — to the limit 0.  Hence we get the result


As for the latter part of J, we denote  z:=x+iy (x,y);  then on the arc c, where  |z|=R  and  y0, we have


Using this estimation of the integrand we get, according the integral estimating theorem, the inequalityMathworldPlanetmath


Since the right hand member tends to 0 as  R, then also the left hand member.

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