field adjunction

Let K be a field and E an extension fieldMathworldPlanetmath of K.  If αE, then the smallest subfieldMathworldPlanetmath of E, that contains K and α, is denoted by K(α).  We say that K(α) is obtained from the field K by adjoining the element α to K via field adjunction.

Theorem.K(α) is identical with the quotient field Q of K[α].

Proof. (1) Because K[α] is an integral domainMathworldPlanetmath (as a subring of the field E), all possible quotients of the elements of K[α] belong to E. So we have


and because K(α) was the smallest, then  K(α)Q.

(2) K(α) is a subring of E containing K and α, therefore also the whole ring K[α], that is,  K[α]K(α).  And because K(α) is a field, it must contain all possible quotients of the elements of K[α], i.e.,  QK(α).

In to the adjunction of one single element, we can adjoin to K an arbitrary subset S of E:  the resulting field K(S) is the smallest of such subfields of E, i.e. the intersection of such subfields of E, that contain both K and S.  We say that K(S) is obtained from K by adjoining the set S to it.  Naturally,


The field K(S) contains all elements of K and S, and being a field, also all such elements that can be formed via addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from the elements of K and S.  But such elements constitute a field, which therefore must be equal with K(S).  Accordingly, we have the

Theorem.K(S) constitutes of all rational expressions formed of the elements of the field K with the elements of the set S.


1. K(S) is the union of all fields K(T) where T is a finite subset of S.
2. K(S1S2)=K(S1)(S2).
3. If, especially, S also is a subfield of E, then one may denote  K(S)=KS.


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