Greek alphabet

The modern Greek 24 letters. Ancient Greeks only used the capital letters; the lower case letters were not invented until the time of Alexander the Great. The Greek letters digamma and qoppa were incorporated into the Roman as F and Q, respectively, but are not part of the modern Greek .

Following is a of letters in the modern Greek in alphabetical :

lower case capital name comments
α A alpha
β B beta bita in modern Greek
γ Γ gamma
δ Δ delta
ϵ or ε E epsilon
ζ Z zeta zita in modern Greek
η H eta ita in modern Greek
θ or ϑ Θ theta thita in modern Greek
ι I iota
κ or ϰ K kappa
λ Λ lambda
μ M mu mi in modern Greek
ν N nu ni in modern Greek
ξ Ξ xi
o O omicron o-small in modern Greek
π or ϖ Π pi
ρ or ϱ P rho
σ or ς Σ sigma ς is used only at the end of Greek
τ T tau
υ Υ upsilon ipsilon in modern Greek
ϕ or φ Φ phi
χ X chi
ψ Ψ psi
ω Ω omega o-big in modern Greek
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