Hilbert’s 16th problem for quadratic vector fields

Find a maximum natural numberMathworldPlanetmath H(2) and relative position of limit cycles of a vector field

x˙=p(x,y) = i+j=02aijxiyj
y˙=q(x,y) = i+j=02bijxiyj

As of now neither part of the problem (i.e. the bound and the positions of the limit cycles) are solved. Although R. Bamòn in 1986 showed [BR] that a quadratic vector field has finite number of limit cycles. In 1980 Shi Songling [SS] and also independently Chen Lan-Sun and Wang Ming-Shu [ZTWZ] showed an example of a quadratic vector field which has four limit cycles (i.e. H(2)4).

Example by Shi Songling:
The following system

x˙= λx-y-10x2+(5+δ)xy+y2
y˙= x+x2+(-25+8ϵ-9δ)xy

has four limit cycles when 0<-λ-ϵ-δ1. [ZTWZ]

Example by Chen Lan-sun and Wang Ming-Shu:
The following system

x˙= -y-δ2x-3x2+(1-δ1)xy+y2
y˙= x(1+23x-3y)

has four limit cycles when 0<δ2δ11. [ZTWZ]


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