homogeneous equation

The homogeneous equation


where the left hand is a homogeneous polynomialMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of degree r in x and y,  determines the ratio x/y between the indeterminatesMathworldPlanetmath.  One can be persuaded of this by dividing both of the equation by yr.  Then the left depends only on x/y (which may be denoted e.g. by t).


  • The equation  5x+8y=0  determines that  x/y=-85.

  • The equation  x2-7xy+10y2=0  determines that  x/y=2  or  x/y=5  (these values are obtained by first dividing both of the equation by y2 and then solving the equation  (x/y)2-7(x/y)+10=0).

  • The equation  2x3-x2y-6xy2+3y3=0  determines that   x/y=12  or  x/y=±3 (first divide the equation by y3 and then solve  2(x/y)3-(x/y)2-6(x/y)+3=0).

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