homogeneous linear differential equation

The linear differential equation

an(x)y(n)+an-1(x)y(n-1)++a1(x)y+a0(x)y=b(x) (1)

is called homogeneousPlanetmathPlanetmath (http://planetmath.org/HomogeneousLinearDifferentialEquation) iff  b(x)0.  If  b(x)0, the equation (1) is inhomogeneous.
If (1) is homogeneous (http://planetmath.org/HomogeneousLinearDifferentialEquation), then the sum of any solutions is a solution and any solution multiplied by a constant is a solution.

The special case

cnxny(n)+cn-1xn-1y(n-1)++c1xy+c0y= 0

of (1), where the ci’s are constants, can via the substitution  x=et  be transformed into a homogeneous linear differential equation of the same order but with constant coefficients.

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