Hyman Bass

Hyman Bass (1932 - ) American mathematician.

After earning a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, Bass began teaching at Columbia University for almost 40 years, interspersed with various lecturing vacations around the world. After Columbia, he returned to his native state to teach at the University of Michigan. In 2001 he was elected president of the American Mathematical Society. In 2007 the United States awarded him the National Medal of Science.

In 1998, Bass co-authored with Henri Cartan and others a tribute to Samuel Eilenberg, while decades earlier Cartan co-authored with Jacques Dixmier and others a conference paper in French on problems of measure. Dixmier co-authored with Erdős a paper on fundamental invariants of binary forms, also in French, giving Bass Erdős number (http://planetmath.org/ErdHosNumber) 3.

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