ideal of elements with finite order

Theorem.  The set of all elements of a ring, which have a finite order in the additive groupMathworldPlanetmath of the ring, is a (two-sided) ideal of the ring.

Proof.  Let S be the set of the elements with finite order in the ring R.  Denote by o(x) the order of x.  Take arbitrary elements a,b of the set S.

If  lcm(o(a),o(b))=n=ko(a)=lo(b),  then


Thus  o(a-b)n<  and so  a-bS.

For any element r of R we have


Therefore, o(ra)o(a)<  and raS.  Similarly,  arS.

Since S satisfies the conditions for an ideal, the theorem has been proven.

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