incomplete gamma function

The incomplete gamma functionDlmfDlmfDlmfDlmfMathworldPlanetmath is defined as the indefinite integral of the integrand of gamma integralDlmfPlanetmath. There are several definitions which differ in details of normalization and constant of integration:

γ(a,x) = 0xe-tta-1𝑑t
Γ(a,x) = xe-tta-1𝑑t=Γ(a)-γ(a,x)
P(a,x) = 1Γ(a)0xe-tta-1𝑑t=γ(a,x)Γ(a)
γ*(a,x) = x-aΓ(a)0xe-tta-1𝑑t=γ(a,x)xaΓ(a)
I(a,x) = 1Γ(a+1)0xa+1e-tta𝑑t=γ(a+1,xa+1)Γ(a+1)
C(a,x) = xta-1costdt
S(a,x) = xta-1sintdt
En(x) = 1e-xtt-n𝑑t=xn-1Γ(1-n)-xn-1γ(1-n,x)
αn(x) = 1e-xttn𝑑t=x-n-1Γ(1+n)-x-n-1γ(1+n,x)

For convenience of translating notations, these variants have been expressed in terms of γ.

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