integral basis of quadratic field

Let m be a squarefreeMathworldPlanetmath integer 1. All numbers of the quadratic fieldMathworldPlanetmath (m) may be written in the form

α=j+kml, (1)

where j,k,l are integers with  gcd(j,k,l)=1  and  l>0.  Then α (and its algebraic conjugateα=j-kml) satisfies the equation

x2+px+q= 0, (2)


p=-2jl,q=j2-k2ml2. (3)

We will find out when the number (1) is an algebraic integerMathworldPlanetmath, i.e. when the coefficients p and q are rational integers.

Naturally, p and q are integers always when  l=1.  We suppose now that  l>1.  The latter of the equations (3) says that q can be integer only when


(see divisibility in rings).  Because  gcd(j,k,l)=1,  we have by Euclid’s lemma that  gcd(j,l)m.  Since m is squarefree, we infer that

gcd(j,l)=1. (4)

In order that also p were an integer, the former of the equations (3) implies that  l=2.

So, by the latter of the equations (3),  4j2-k2m, i.e.

k2mj2(mod4). (5)

Since by (4),  gcd(j, 2)=1,  the integer j has to be odd.  In order that (5) would be valid, also k must be odd.  Therefore,  j21(mod4)  and  k21(mod4),  and thus (5) changes to

m1(mod4). (6)

If we conversely assume (6) and that j,k are odd and  l=2, then (5) is true, p,q are integers and accordingly (1) is an algebraic integer.

We have now obtained the following result:

  • When  m1(mod4),  the integers of the field (m) are


    where a,b are arbitrary rational integers;

  • when  m1(mod4),  in to the numbers a+bm, also the numbers


    with j,k arbitrary odd integers, are integers of the field.

Then, it may be easily inferred the

Theorem.  If we denote

ω:={1+m2when m1(mod4),m when m1(mod4),

then any integer of the quadratic field (m) may be expressed in the form


where a and b are uniquely determined rational integers.  Conversely, every number of this form is an integer of the field.  One says that 1 and ω form an integral basis of the field.


  • 1 K. Väisälä: Lukuteorian ja korkeamman algebran alkeet.  Tiedekirjasto No. 17. Kustannusosakeyhtiö Otava, Helsinki (1950).

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