integral sign

The integral sign

is a stylised version of the long s letter.

The long s is a typographic variant of lowercase s, being the only lowercase s in the Carolingian minuscule script.  The modern short (round) s appeared later to the ends of words, and has now replaced completely the long s in the antiqua script.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz introduced the integral sign as the first letter s of the Latin word summa (‘sum’).  The long shape of may be thought to symbolically depict the fact that is a limiting case of sum.

A variant

of the integral sign is used in integrals taken along a closed curve in 2 or about a closed surface in 3; see e.g. Cauchy integral theorem, derivation of heat equation.

The function given after the integral sign, i.e. the function to be integrated, is the integrand.

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